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Repair Or Replace That Appliance?
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Repair Or Replace That Appliance?

The question often comes up, should you repair or replace your broken appliance?

We don’t want you to waste your money either and we’ve compiled a list of things you should consider.

Age Of The Appliance

Appliances have an average lifespan when you take into considering energy efficiency, part(s) availability and general wear. The older your appliance is, it may be time to replace it.

Here are the typical lifespans of major appliances we service.


Average Lifespan (Years)

Microwave (OTR)9
Range, electric13

The 50% Rule

The average total cost with parts and labour of an appliance repair at Appliance Edge as of Nov 2021 is about $200 plus tax.

If your broken appliance is more than 50% through its lifespan and the repair is more than 50% the cost of buying a new appliance (with hidden costs factored in), you should replace it.

To calculate the exact cost of repairing your appliance, you will have to get an estimate. Appliance Edge has a trip charge of $86.96 plus tax depending where you are located. We also offer free over the phone estimates which will require you to text us information about the problem you are having along with some photos. Call or text us today to learn more about what we can do for you.


Hidden Costs When Replacing

The cost of a new appliance may not be the only expense when purchasing a new appliance. When purchasing new, you must consider a few factors:

  1. Delivery and Disposal Costs
  2. Installation
  3. Will the new appliance fit in the correct location?
  4. Is your current electrical connection correct for the new appliance?
  5. Will it fit through the doors? Potential damage to your home when bringing in the new appliance.

Many people tend to upgrade more than just one appliance when they purchase a new appliance. This can contribute to a lengthy and expensive home appliance upgrade process.


Cost Of A New Appliance

We have taken the time to calculate the average retail cost of a new appliance from various local stores in Newfoundland as of Nov 2016.


Average New Price

Low Price

High Price

# Of Units Checked

Freezer$930.495 $328.00$1,898.0024
Microwave (OTR)$543.62$248.00$899.9924
Range, electric$1,572.07$647.97$3,329.9927

Small Savings Add Up

Sometimes repairing an appliance might only save you $200 compared to replacing. However, getting a few extra years out of an older appliance might make sense. Maybe you’re considering a home renovation in a few years, buying a new appliance now might mean you’ll have a hard time finding matching appliances later. It’s also possible a new appliance might have issues in a few years too, meaning fixing the one issue you know you have now, may actually save more money later.

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