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  • Clean Your Fridge Condenser
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    Clean Your Fridge Condenser

    Clean the dust off your fridge condenser before the weather gets hot. This will save you money by allowing your fridge to run more efficiently over the summer. The fridge condenser is usually located under the fridge and can be accessed by removing the front toe panel.

  • Refrigerator Door Gaskets
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    Refrigerator Door Gaskets

    Clean your refrigerator door gaskets with warm water regularly. This will prolong the life of the gaskets by keeping them soft and flexible. If you need a new gasket for your fridge or freezer, contact us today and order the replacement part.

  • Save Your Food Before It’s Too Late
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    Save Your Food Before It’s Too Late

    Keep a tray of ice in your freezer. Melting ice cubes are the first sign of trouble with your refrigerator or freezer. This will help you save your food before it’s too late.

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